In Poland, almost 90% of the country is influenced by iodine deficiency, and eight million people are threatened with thyroid gland diseases.

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We will help you from the very beginning and we will support you throughout your period of co-operation, so contact us today.

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(+48) 506 896 450
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Try it in the fitness club. Discover a revolutionary solution that allows you to train and be treated. At the same time you want to clear the lungs and grow in strength. We will help you from the very beginning, we will support you throughout the period of cooperation, you just need to contact us.!

This we can offer:
  • trainings,
  • comprehensive assistance in choosing a place for a fitness club,
  • free support for marketing,
  • effective ways to attract customers,
  • ensuring continuous development,
  • knowledge of how to effectively manage a profitable company,
  • we support you at every step of your development,
  • partnership and support,
  • communication.

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Dear friends, would you like to go to your club daily and breathe such air, as after the rain, on the seashore or in the mountains, when there is fog or dew? In this case, the device through which all the dust can be removed and replaced by completely clean, healthy, fresh air, because the main health function of this device is an ideal cleaning of air from allergens. It fits perfectly into any interior, standing somewhere in the corner does not interfere.

Details on the phone number
(+48) 506 896 450 or (+48) 888 907 113
For regular customers and business partners there are interesting discounts.