1. Air filtration

The device cleans 4m³ per minute.

About 10 minutes of operation of this device and – all air is purified. Without ticks, allergens and all kinds of contaminants.

2. Humidification of air

The device humidifies the air to a level of 60%. This means that the air is perfectly moistened in the whole house. Moreover, this device is the only one that stabilizes the humidity.

3. Deodorization

Very effective function, the smell persists for several hours. The composition of the smells does not matter because the product can be absolutely everything.

On a natural basis. If you love the fragrance of coffee, you need to pour coffee grounds, if brandy pour a little cognac. If you are  bothered by  flies, mosquitoes, use a little bit of vanilla. Everyone dreams of an air conditioner. Using the device, you can lower the temperature. In the fitness club, just pour ice into the tank and switch the device on. All air passes through cold water and instantly cools.

4. Ionization of air

The product has another great feature. This is the function of air ionization. The ionizer is powered by a button located on the control panel. The device has a capacity of two million negative ions per cm³. This leads to the fact that the air is 50 times more saturated with negative ions than in the forest or over the sea. In the room in which the device works one can  breathe, sleep much better and rest faster, the air is clean, healthy and fresh. When we rest with zionized air, first of all we strengthen the immune system. This has a beneficial effect especially on people who are often sick with respiratory infections. It alleviates the symptoms of asthma, allergies and migraines.

Get to know JodoGym's offer

Dear friends, would you like to go to your club daily and breathe such air, as after the rain, on the seashore or in the mountains, when there is fog or dew? In this case, the device through which all the dust can be removed and replaced by completely clean, healthy, fresh air, because the main health function of this device is an ideal cleaning of air from allergens. It fits perfectly into any interior, standing somewhere in the corner does not interfere.

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